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Our product is original oral Minoxidil, specially & exclusively designed for oral use. This guarantees the best possible hair growth promotion.

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Unlike prescription tablets, our product is a liquid solution. As we omit the mention of "oral" on the printed label, it is treated as a solution for application to the scalp. This prevents problems with customs clearance.

High Quality US-Pharma Ingredient

The active ingredient used for our oral minoxidil is US pharmaceutical grade, certified by the FDA (American Food and Drug Administration). This ensures production under the highest hygienic safety regulations.

No Topical application

In addition to being significantly more effective on hair growth, our oral solution has the advantage of not requiring daily application to the scalp (and associated irritation & allergic reactions). Our oral minoxidil is taken once a day.


3 Months

The first changes may take a little time in the beginning. Some men may lose more thin hair, but this phase quickly subsides.

6 Months

The first results are already visible in the majority of men: hair loss has decreased significantly and in some cases there is already new hair growth, especially in the upper part of the head.

12 Months

The newly grown initially thin hairs become thicker and gradually provide a denser and denser overall appearance.

The difference in the use of topical and oral minoxidil:


Is intended for external use on the head, often leaves an oily scalp. Must be used twice a day. The results are usually small and sobering. This often involves a "shedding phase" which is only associated with further hair loss.


Our oral minoxidil is offered in liquid form, but it has been developed exclusively for oral use. It is as effective as minoxidil tablets, but better dosed and also suitable for people who have problems swallowing tablets.
Taking 1ml orally once a day is usually sufficient to achieve good results: (stopping hair loss and stimulating hair regrowth). The success in hair regrowth is many times better than with topical application!


There are many competitors on the market for hair loss and hair growth, often with very bold promises.

As a rule, however, the promised effects fail to materialize.

It is often possible to tell from the active ingredients contained in the products whether they are any good or not.

Until now, there were only two serious active ingredients that were able to stop hair loss in men and (but only to a limited extent) bring new hair growth.

These two agents were finasteride and topical minoxidil.

Now a new form of minoxidil has been added – oral minoxidil. This makes such a big difference because it is a quantum leap in terms of efficacy for all men who want to have thick hair again.

This desire can now become a reality with a very high probability.

Already compared in the media to the so-called “weight loss shot” for overweight people, oral Minoxidil is seen as a gamechanger and new milestone in the hair growth industry.

Hair loss: the most common causes

But before we get into how to stop hair loss with the help of our oral minoxidil products, let’s take a look at the most common causes that cause man to lose the hair on his head in the first place.

Unfortunately, “normal hair loss” is usually hereditary, so there’s basically not much you can do about it, writes Prof. Ralph M. Trüeb, MD: “Almost one in eight men between the ages of 18 and 29 has hereditary hair loss. With advancing age, the number of those affected increases. “In men between 30 and 39 it is already 38 percent”” [1] explains the dermatologist of the University Hospital Zurich. 

In addition to hereditary hair loss, there are a number of other medically proven causes of hair loss, which we list below:

    – Too much stress at work or in private life

    – Taking medication

    – Malnutrition

    – Autoimmune diseases

    – Age-related hair loss

What exactly is minoxidil? We explain how our product will help you

Now that we know some of the most common causes of hair loss, let’s take a look at what you can do about it. For example, one active ingredient that is used to combat the loss is Minoxidil. But what is it actually?

Let’s take a closer look at that now and explain to you exactly what minoxidil is. This will help you understand even better how our oral minoxidil for hair loss will help you.

The history of Minoxidil

Minoxidil was originally invented and launched in 1970. In 1982, Minoxidil was also available in Germany under the name Lonolox®(Pfizer).

It was originally a drug for the treatment and reduction of high blood pressure.

A few years later, however, another effective property of the drug was discovered: “However, it was not until six years later that Kaushik D. Meisheri was able to clarify the exact mechanism of action of minoxidil or of the active metabolite minoxidil sulfate.

Minoxidil is a potassium channel opener and thus leads to hyperpolarization in cells. The resulting dilated blood vessels thus presumably provide a better nutrient supply to hair follicles, helping to prolong hair growth phases.” [2]. Today, oral minoxidil is used as a medication for both hypertension and hair loss. The difference lies in the dosage.

Now that we know the story behind minoxidil and that it is a drug, let’s take a look at how best to use the active ingredient against hair loss.

The effect of oral minoxidil on hair growth

Since we are so convinced of our oral minoxidil based on our own experience and that of hundreds of users, we would like to take a look below at how oral minoxidil (in our form as a swallowable liquid) compares to the classic, i.e. topical, minoxidil. You can read more about it in the About Us section.

To that end, we’ve picked out a few scientific studies that show oral minoxidil is significantly more effective than the topical form of application. But please read for yourself:

Oral minoxidil for internal use

The application of the active ingredient is as the name suggests the so-called oral application, usually one thinks here of tablets, capsules or powder.

Our dosage form is that of a liquid, a liquid for ingestion.

Advantage very easy dosage, through a pipette. And an even faster and better availability of the active ingredient in the body.

But how effective are our oral Minoxidil products now? Is it worth buying oral minoxidil liquid? We take a look at some scientific studies on this and then draw our own conclusion.

In this context, we would like to quote from a scientific study that was structured as follows: “A total of 17 studies with 634 patients were found in which the use of oral minoxidil as a primary treatment method for hair loss was discussed. Androgenetic alopecia was the most commonly studied condition, but telogen effluvium, lichen planopilaris, thinning anagen hair syndrome, monilethrix, alopecia areata, and permanent chemotherapy-induced alopecia were also studied.”

[3] the result of the study was as follows: “Orally administered minoxidil proved to be an effective and well-tolerated treatment alternative for healthy patients who have difficulty with topical formulations” [3].

So it is scientifically proven that taking minoxidil can help with hair loss or conditions like alopecia.

Minoxidil for topical use – which product is suitable for you?

In addition to taking tablets, minoxidil can of course also be applied topically as a spray or foam. Topical here means applied directly to the head, so to speak. Here, too, there are scientific studies that prove that the topical application of minoxidil can work, but the effectiveness has its limits.

But which option is better? Is it better to opt for oral minoxidil liquid like ours or topical minoxidil products?

Let’s take a closer look at that in the next section to help you decide.

Topical vs oral minoxidil: which product is more effective for new hair growth

Of course, we want to know which of the two ways of taking minoxidil is better: the liquid form for oral intake or the spray form for topical application.

Again, of course, we rely on clinical studies that can clearly show which of the two is better.

The following study examines whether oral ingestion of 1 mg minoxidil is superior to topical application of 5% minoxidil. “The performance of oral minoxidil in terms of Sinclair hair loss score was significantly better than that of topical minoxidil, reflecting the positive results reported in telogen effluvium.” [4]. The study shows that oral minoxidil is superior to topical application directly to the hair.

So, in a direct comparison, oral minoxidil wins. Therefore, it is better to buy oral minoxidil liquid than to resort to a spray or foam.

This is exactly the reason why we only offer oral minoxidil, because it has been scientifically proven to have a much better effect than other minoxidil products and significantly promotes hair growth.

Can I buy oral minoxidil without any problem?

Since Minoxidil is a prescription drug, in Europe for example it is in most cases only prescribed for high blood pressure, but rarely for hair loss, as this is “off-label use” and therefore difficult for doctors to justify to health insurance companies.

So it is really difficult to obtain Minoxidil tablets if you want to use it for hair loss. It will also be difficult to get Minoxidil tablets in other parts of the world as they are usually sold only on prescription.

The solution to the problem: Our Liquid Minoxidil products for oral use

If you have been having problems with hair loss for years and have already tried many products, then you should choose our Minoxidil Liquid products now.

As you could read above, they work better than topical minoxidil and the best:

They are also available worldwide – and without a prescription.

Because unlike other manufacturers, we don’t sell tablets, which are significantly more expensive, but Minoxidil Liquid, which can be taken orally in liquid form.

This has the advantage that our liquid is absorbed more quickly by the body and thus stops hair loss faster and more effectively.

In addition, oral Minoxidil Liquid has the advantage that this is more inconspicuous for shipping and thus does not lead to any customs problems. For this reason, we also offer a delivery guarantee.

Attention risk of confusion!

It is important to mention that our Minoxidil product is a liquid that is taken orally and is specially designed to be well tolerated.

However, topical Minoxidil products (such as sprays) should never be taken orally, as this leads to significant health risks and causes symptoms of poisoning.

Conversely, our Minoxidil Liquid should also not be applied topically, i.e. directly to the hair, as it can dry out the scalp when applied topically.

US Grade Liquid Oral Minoxidil

The minoxidil that we use to produce our liquid against hair loss comes directly from the USA from a renowned pharmaceutical company. So you can be sure that it is a product of the highest quality and purity.

We also have an analysis done by an independent laboratory for each batch to ensure the highest possible standard of quality.

Can side effects occur?

There are usually no side effects when taking Minoxidil Liquid. However, since Minoxidil in pure form is a drug, you as a customer should definitely talk to your doctor beforehand in case of e.g. low blood pressure or other diseases.

Our Liquid Minoxidil is available everywhere

Since our customers already have enough stress with hair loss, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to buy our products. That’s why we distribute our Liquid Minoxidil products worldwide, no matter where you live, whether in Germany, Spain or outside Europe, we deliver worldwide.


[1] Trüeb, R. M., and J. Lendenmann. “Haarausfall-vererbbar: Ja, Schicksal: Nein.” Vista: Schweizer Gesundheits-Magazin 2 (2010): 14-15.

[2] Seite „Minoxidil“. In: Wikipedia – Die freie Enzyklopädie. Bearbeitungsstand: 28. Juli 2023, 17:37 UTC. URL:

[3] Randolph, Michael, and Antonella Tosti. “Oral minoxidil treatment for hair loss: A review of efficacy and safety.” Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology 84.3 (2021): 737-746.

[4] Ramos, Paulo Müller, et al. “Minoxidil 1 mg oral versus minoxidil 5% topical solution for the treatment of female-pattern hair loss: a randomized clinical trial.” Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology 82.1 (2020): 252-253.

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